DEFO RECO is a media and events company that provides professional and creative services for brands and entrepreneurs. The aim is to help them run things more efficiently, grow their business and make a positive impact within their communities.

It also serves to recommend products and services to entrepreneurs that will give them the power to become definitely recommended.

The original idea was developed back in 2011, stemming from the core desire to broaden perspectives and raise awareness about socio-economic struggles of the world. Along many years of forming and reforming the vision, it was later decided to focus on management and consulting for creatives and businesses, helping them with their branding, business development and marketing needs.

The name DEFO RECO stems from the root phrase ‘Definitely Recommended,’ in other’s words, we want to make sure that our company allows for efficiency, growth and a positive impact. We also stand for making good quality recommendations of businesses, products and services, to help those on their entrepreneurial journey’s discover brands they can trust.

Our Values

  • Impact
  • Growth
  • Efficiency

What to expect from us

Everything we do involves persistent and focused effort towards achieving results to the best of our ability; an ability tailored towards success for our team and clients.

We as a team are prepared and ready to deliver services that make a striking impression and positive impact for our clients benefit; enough to reach and exceed expectations.

We are always planning ahead and finding ways to stay educated, informed and capable of delivering services for our team and our clients.

We make sure we deliver services from a non-judgemental point-of-view and not subject to personal, emotional or opinion-based influences.

We aim to show feelings of admiration, politeness and integrity to everyone that we work with, acknowledging that we are all human first.

We consciously work from a place of deep understanding within our teams and our clients, knowing this is the best way to form strong communication and collaboration.

We are careful not to inconvenience and harm anyone in our environments, as our intentions only seek a positive efficiency, growth and a positive impact.

We acknowledge that the world is evolving all the time and are open to new, effective and sustainable ideas, to help our team and clients achieve their business goals

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